Through its joint venture interests in GCO and TTI, MDL is invested in the creation of robust sustainable development policies and activities that are attuned to the needs, aspirations and sensitivities of key stakeholders.  The TiZir joint venture facilitates positive economic, social and environmental objectives and outcomes through culturally sensitive engagement with employees, governments, local communities, civil society organisations and other stakeholders.  In 2014, TiZir implemented a range of Board Committees, charters and policies that have strengthened MDL’s ability to oversee the joint venture’s governance and sustainability performance.

MDL and ERAMET are ‘seed funders’ of the African Foundation for Resources and Industry (‘AFFRI’), an independent organisation registered in the United Kingdom.  AFFRI was established to develop interlinked clean energy, industry and employment projects in Sub-Saharan Africa with an initial focus in rural Senegal.

MDL’s 2014 Sustainability Report is available here.