Mineral Deposits continually seeks to improve its performance in all areas of sustainable development.  The company’s operations benefit local communities both directly and indirectly.  MDL’s commitment is to improve the security, welfare and prosperity of the communities in which its people live and work, and where its business operates.  MDL is invested in the creation of robust sustainable development policies and activities that are attuned to the needs and aspirations of local communities in Senegal.

At the Grande Côte Mineral Sands Project

In joint collaboration with the Government of Senegal and the communities where mining operations will occur, MDL has established funds to support a social program that will contribute to individual and institutional development to support the company’s Senegalese hosts.

MDL is committed to improving the delivery of social services and infrastructure, particularly in the areas of water, health and education, and ensuring that community development activities benefit those most impacted by its mining operations.  As part of those mining operations, MDL employs almost 500 locals directly, with much of this employment being in skilled, capacity-building positions.  Additionally, wherever possible, the company uses Senegalese contractors.

Projects already completed include the establishment of a local village health clinic at Grande Côte, provision of water supply to neighbouring villages, the construction of a kindergarten, becoming a partner of the National Campaign for the Fight Against HIV/AIDS and the implementation of aggressive malaria control programs in nearby villages.