Mineral Deposits strives to better world’s best practice in regard to the management of the impact its operations have on the environments in which it operates.  The company’s commitment to responsible environmental management and transparency is integral to its approach to sustainable development.  MDL regularly reviews its environmental management policies to identify ways in which its performance may be improved and to ensure ongoing compliance with the codes and regulations issued by the relevant authorities of the countries within which it operates.

MDL’s environmental management strategy is shaped by the knowledge of local communities, environmental experts and other relevant stakeholders.


At the Grande Côte Mineral Sands Project

MDL has developed and operates a strict environmental monitoring program which provides it with the necessary information to adopt preventative measures and corrective mitigation to minimise any negative environmental factors in relation to the company’s mining activities in Senegal.  The program encompasses monitoring weather, noise impact, dust levels, general emissions, waste water as well as groundwater levels and quality.

The company has been collecting soil and seeds from the local dunes and growing them in a local onsite nursery to determine the best revegetation policy once mining is underway.  These samples include medicinal and fruit bearing species that, if successful in propagation, will provide the local population with a new source of income and food.